Weekly Update from Mayor Briley

Weekly Update from Mayor Briley

Good morning, friends.

I’ve often joked that my biggest disadvantage in this race is my first name: Mayor. As the incumbent in the race, it’s hard to run as the agent of change that so many Nashville voters are looking for. But here’s the simple truth: we are changing things in Nashville. 18 months isn’t a very long time in the grand scheme, but my administration has worked tirelessly to move the needle on Nashville’s toughest challenges and to rethink the way we operate as a city. 

As mayor, I shouldn’t be running the city the same way my predecessors did, and that’s because we’re a different city now. We need to change, and voters want to see that change. 

The challenge is, as Mayor Briley, I won’t run a campaign based on shaming Nashville for its shortcomings. I am running a campaign based on progress. We are confident that voters will see the difference between the two, but as you may have guessed, one of these campaign styles makes a lot more noise than the other. 

Here’s the good news: The perks of my job title far outweigh any of the drawbacks. 

This past weekend, I marched in the Labor Day Parade, met the attendees at the InterNASHional Food Crawl, and attended a Pan Hellenic Council cookout – and I got to do all these things and more as the mayor. Everywhere I went, people told me where they live, what they do, and how they take pride in their neighborhood and city.

Labor Day Weekend is a good time to remember that the working people of Nashville have always been the backbone of our community, and they’ve collectively done more than anyone else to make this a great place to live. That won’t change.

Nine days to go in this race! Don’t forget – all Early Voting locations are open this week. Go vote now while the lines are short. 



Mayor Briley endorsed by Out and About Nashville

Mayor Briley endorsed by Out and About Nashville