What's Nashville?

Today our City is growing faster than ever seemed possible.  As Nashville grows, as money plays a bigger role in politics and as Council members represent more people over time, we risk having our elections lose influence over the direction of our City. 

The principal reason that I'm running for office again is to do what I can to make sure your election on August 6 has influence over Nashville's direction.  I've written about the abstract notions of inclusion, transparency and objectivity as the values important to me and how I think those values should influence what Nashville's going to be.  I know it's pretty dry, serious stuff.  So, I wanted to add something more concrete, less serious:

Here's 17 minutes of Nashville's Eef Barzelay for you to enjoy:

It's musicians like Eef that make Nashville.  Let's not lose sight of what makes our City special.

What's Nashville to you?  Tell us why you love this place.