It's Never Time for a Robbery.

You'll see the title of the blog has changed, that's because it's never time for a robbery.  I hope you'll read below now that we've gotten your attention.

For the last couple of weeks, all I saw on the local news were stories about the bad weather.  Now that it feels like spring, the local news has gone back to the old standby - crime.


If you only get your information from the morning news, you'd think that crime was spiraling out of control.  Some mornings, there will be six or seven stories about crime in a row.  However, if you look at statistics from the Metro Police, you'll see that most crime is declining.


This contradiction is typical when it comes to public safety.  

Gun violence presents a similar contradiction.  It seems that Nashvillians feel safer with a gun - carry permits are up 130% in Davidson County since 2008.  Yet, tragic, gun-related deaths among our children reminds us of the risk guns have in our homes. There is an element of truth to both sides of this contradiction.  

Over the next month, as we focus the campaign on public safety there will be other contradictions to discuss as well as areas of broad consensus that require action.  We will be talking about the more complicated role that police play in our community today, the nationwide, bi-partisan efforts to reduce our jail population, and the need to focus specifically on reducing domestic violence in Nashville.  

I hope you'll follow along and join us in our telephone town hall on April 9th when we wrap up our discussion.