Nashville Buisness Coalition Announces its Vice Mayor Candidate Endorsements


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 7, 2015) – The Nashville Business Coalition (NBC), a political action Committee made up of business leaders from across the City, announced today its endorsement for Vice Mayor in addition to the 47 candidates seeking Metro Council seats in the August 6 election. “We applaud all the candidates who are offering themselves up for public service and were pleased to see so many candidates supportive of issues important to the business community. We are especially committed to supporting local candidates who understand the importance of creating a government environment for businesses and workers to succeed in Nashville,” said Nancy Stabell, NBC Board Chair. “In the Vice-Mayor race, we are proud to endorse former Councilman David Briley and Councilman Tim Garrett. David’s energy, vision, fresh ideas and commitment to Nashville and the business community will offer strong leadership to the Metro Council. This leadership will be very important to the city in the coming years given the tremendous turnover that terms limits will likely cause in the next Council. Tim has been a longstanding member of the Metro Council and has repeatedly demonstrated his support for Nashville’s business community.

Both candidates show a deep understanding of the issues that Nashville’s business community face and a willingness to provide the leadership necessary to move Nashville forward.”

About the Nashville Business Coalition

Nashville’s business community is a driver of the local economy. Business creates jobs and prosperity; government leaders create the legislative environment for that to occur. The Nashville Business Coalition applauds community leaders who choose to serve Nashville residents and businesses through elected office. Since 1999, the Coalition, a pro-business political action committee, has dedicated itself to electing business-friendly candidates who have made the long term economic vitality of Nashville a priority. These candidates understand the partnership that exists between the public and private sectors.