Life at the Economic Margins

Two stories caught my attention in The Tennessean over the weekend. 

First, there was an article by Michael Cass on Friday about a worker stuck at minimum wage.  Unsurprisingly, the worker, a single parent,  was struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage.  The article went on to point out the lack of a political appetite in Tennessee to raise the rate.  As a counter-point, an owner of Demos Restaurant expressed the sentiment that an increased minimum wage would result in fewer hours for his workers.   The Demos logic currently holds sway at the State Capitol. 


Michael Cass, then went on to write what I would call a commentary about his reporting.  He points out how hard it can be just to make ends meet with $100.00 a week and how that fact frustrates one's desire to improve.  I also read his commentary as a call for action.  "Of course, solving these problems — problems that betray America’s promise — is different than understanding them a little better."  He's right.  Nashville should lead the way on this issue.