I Voted


Perhaps you've noticed the occasional yard sign that has popped up in  the right of way.  Or maybe you're directly involved in the judicial system. Otherwise, you might not know there's an election on May 6 and early voting is going on today.

Last week, the Tennessean outlined some duties of the circuit, criminal and chancery court judges.  There's also, the first district attorney's race in close to fifty years.  And we are electing judges for all eleven general session courts.  That's not to mention Sheriff, the multiple clerks and the juvenile court judge. 

With all this activity, you'd think that turnout would be high, but if history is any indicator this election will be bring only 10% or so to the polls.  Eight years ago in this election only 37,219 (10.3%) voted.  The Tennessean has started a #VoteTenn campaign to boost participation which is laudable.  I wish they would spend more time writing about about each of the candidates as well. 

So, the election is May 6, and you can early vote this week at the Howard Office Building 700 2nd Ave. S. and next Monday through Thursday also at the Bellevue Community Center and the Bordeaux, Edmondson Pike Green Hills, Hermitage, and Madison Libraries.  Get the details at 615.862.8800 or www.nashville.gov/vote.