For Immediate Release: Statement of David Briley


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MARCH 4, 2015
Council Breaks Procedure on BL2014-948
Statement from David Briley, candidate for Vice Mayor
Nashville, Tenn. -- Last night, in an unprecedented move, the Metro Council voted to amend legislation on third reading overriding the wishes of the district Councilman and rejecting the broad consensus of the Lockeland Springs neighborhood.  This vote was notable not only because it rejected an inclusive, transparent process but even more importantly because it was done contrary to the Vice Mayor’s ruling that the amendment was both illegal and out of procedural order.  For people to have confidence in the legislative process, the Council should honor the voices of neighborhoods, respect the sound leadership of Vice Mayor Neighbors, and should not make up the rules as they go.
David Briley is running for Vice Mayor of Davidson County.  To contact David Briley about this bill or any other matter, please call (615) 429-6533 or send an email to