Big Cities

Take a look at this interesting map the American Communities Project built using census and election data.   The map is most focused on the political outcomes generally associated by different types of communities but it also gives a stark visual reminder of Nashville's most pressing problem - transit. 


Nashville is a big city island surrounded by exurbs.  How we address this situation is the question for the next decades and will be the greatest predictor our region's future success.  

Minneapolis is a similar city surrounded by exurbs anticipating extraordinary growth in years to come.  Here's a recent, interesting editorial from their local paper addressing transit.  In most respects, you could replace Nashville with Minneapolis and the article would still make sense.  One passage stood out to me as important: " So the next mayor of Minneapolis needs to build. But build what?  Political consensus, first and foremost, because it’s essential to build transit infrastructure." 

I agree and think the admonition would apply equally to Vice Mayor.  If elected, I'd work to build the kind of regional consensus necessary to address the transit issues facing Nashville and the surrounding communities.