3 Questions for Jesse Register

A big part of the job of Vice Mayor is managing process - how the Council works. 

Three broad principles that will influence how I manage process are: 1) inclusiveness; 2) transparency; and 3) objectivity.   Here's what I mean by these principles.  The principle of inclusiveness requires that significant decisions by the City occur after the public has been heard.  Transparency means that significant decisions of the City are made after a discussion or debate that is open and available to the public.  Additionally, the written materials upon which the decision-maker relies should be available to the public and archived for later reference.  Finally, decisions should be as objective as possible.  In my opinion, objectivity comes, at least in part, from reliance on experts and measurement of the success or failure of decisions in a predetermined, verifiable way. 

Obviously, there's a lot more to be said about each of those principles and I'll try to elaborate as the campaign goes on but for now I thought I'd apply them to a topic of current concern - Jesse Register's decision to implement a Third Way for East Nashville schools.  So, here are three questions about process for Dr. Register:

1)  Inclusiveness  With whom did you consult before you made the decision to adopt this Third Way - parents, students, teachers, administrators, Council Members, Members of the Board of Education?

2)  Transparency  As the leader of an organization with an operating budget approaching $800 million, I'm confident that this significant decision came after a written report that documents the decision making process.  Could you make a copy of that report available to the public? 

3)  Objectivity   Since the experts with whom you consulted will be identified in the report provided in response to the second question above, please let us know how will you measure the success or failure of this decision. 

The answers Dr. Register gives to these questions should go a long way in helping the public decide whether his proposed Third Way was well-informed and makes sense.